Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy which dates back almost 6000 years, and is the art of seeking balance and harmony between the human existence and surrounding environment.

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Feng Shui

The term feng shui translates to English as “wind-water”, and until recently was a philosophy applied mainly to Asian structures with a spiritual focus, such as tombs and temples. Today, the practise has seen a rise in popularity in the West, with anyone being able to take part, and the unique style of interior design seeks to bring peace and harmony into many homes by striking a balance between all of the earthly elements, and having them occupy their own space within the home.


Many people believe that by adopting this philosophy and observing the practises that are commonly associated with it, their energy levels, both physically and mentally, will increase and thus lead to a longer and happier life. Many practitioners believe that by living in a feng shui environment, it is possible to reduce any negative energies while boosting and maintaining the positive. Typically, a room which follows the rules of feng shui will allocate space in each part of the room to a specific element:

  • North-east is given to earth
  • South-east is given to metal
  • South is given to water
  • South-west is given to wood
  • North-west is given to fire

The Benefits of Feng Shui Interior Design

For many modern people with busy schedules or high stress jobs, the few hours spent at home should optimise their ability to rest, relax, and relieve the stress of the day. With this in mind, having the appropriate interior design can really help make or break ones own personal well-being. Although the philosophy gives focus to thriving, most people today would equate thriving with finances, and although that is true to an extent, feng shui interior design gives focus to thriving emotionally and spiritually. When you are in a place that allows you to truly feel happy and at peace, then it creates a domino effect that will rollover into other aspects of your life, whether it helps improves relations with those around you, or gives you that positive attitude to prosper at your workplace. The principles of interior design and feng shui can help anyone on the road to success, as having a healthy state of mind and positive energy will set you on the course to making more long term changes to your life.

Combine Interior Design and Feng Shui

There are many experts and advisors available who can help repurpose your interior design to help promote a more balanced living space, however, many people find peace in undertaking this change for themselves. Although there can be a monetary commitment involved with feng shui interior design, depending on how fully you wish to change your home, or to which level of interior design feng shui you which to achieve, the monetary aspect can be greatly reduced or even non existant.

The Basics of Interior Design Feng Shui

It is possible to redecorate your entire home to accommodate feng shui interior design, however, without the aid of a professional advisor, this can be time consuming in the short term, and can sometimes have a large financial commitment. For this reason, many people, particularly in the West, chose to redecorate only a single room, such as the bedroom, is it is the room most commonly regarded as where de-stressing and recuperation takes place. Feng shui can also be applied to your workplace, however this is considerably less common, as many employers may not allow such drastic redecoration. There are several steps to adjusting your interior design:

Start With The Basics of Interior Design and Feng Shui

Making adjustments to your home can include many simple and small steps, most of which can be done right now at no cost or effort. This basic guide can help anyone on the path to find inner peace and balance at home:

  • There are several simple steps to improving your home, including maintaining good fresh air flow by regularly opening windows to vent the stale air.
  • Also, removing the TV, computer, exercise equipment and any other distractions from the bedroom will ensure that you reprogramme your mind to see the bedroom as a simple place of rest, which in time will allow you to sleep better and more fully, increasing your energy regeneration.
  • Soothing colours help maintain balance and tranquility in any room, and can help promote the flow of energy and relaxing sleep.
  • Ensure that your room is well lit, candle sources are considered to be important in feng shui interior design, more so if unscented.
  • Art can be a powerful method of instilling positive energy, however take care to choose the art which sends the appropriate message.
  • Position the bed to be the central interior design focus by ensuring that it is approachable from both sides, a bedside table on each side, and avoid having it in direct line from the door.